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Gay Uncover is a custom search engine. Gay or gay relevant sites have been manually selected to be included in the search to focus the results on valid, quality websites. Use it to quickly narrow your search. An example of search results is shown below.

Sample Search: 'Gaydar'

Some of the results returned:

  • Gay Banker responded to a letter from a reader asking about how a person new to London could find some gay friends. Several British social networking sites are listed, including Village Drinks, Jake, and Out Everywhere. These are contrasted with Gaydar and, which are characterized as more cruisey. It is remarked that even though the last two are sex-oriented, they are worth a look because one can also become friends with men one has sex with. Recycling old tricks into new friends is environmentally friendly.
  • Jockohomo commented on the article in New York Magazine about the science of gaydar. The question is raised whether the traits that make one appear gay are biologically based liked sexual orientation. A quote is provided that indicates that being gay is more than sexual behavior or physical characteristics, it is about the nature of the soul. Well, it is also a little bit about penis.
  • Stay-At-Home Gay pooh-poohs the concept of gaydar, pointing out that people are more likely to remember when they were correct about guessing someone's orientation rather than when they were wrong. This leads people to believe that gaydar exists and that gay people have it. The author believes one has to be more direct: "You have to get the final confirmation straight from the horses mouth (and by that I mean sticking your tongue down their throat) or for some of us from the horses ass (figure it out yourself ^__^)."

Sample Search: 'Lunchtime'

Some of the results returned:

  • At Josh&Josh, the search item was found in their list of at work dares from last January. One of the five point dares was "At lunchtime, get down on your knees and announce, 'As God as my witness, I'll never go hungry again.'" There are enough orthodox religious people at work that this action would probably only be mistaken for giving thanks before eating. A better dare is from the list of a dozen things to shake things up: "Finish all your sentences with 'In accordance with the prophecy.'" This will definitely solidify your pre-millennialist credentials with your co-workers.
  • Pink is the New Blog had some of the comments made by Britney Spears' bodyguard: "'Typically she wakes around one or two in the afternoon,' he says. 'We get her two drinks from Starbucks: a hot large vanilla latte, and a cold mocha Frappuccino. We'd ask if she wants a hot or a cold. She goes tanning almost daily in Bel Air, on a UV tanning bed. Then she'll decide whether to have a manicure there. She loves sushi, so she'll often have that for breakfast, even though it's lunchtime. Through the day she snacks on crisps, and loves Coke, Special K cereal and Red Bull energy drinks.'" Apparently the Court is wasting its time ordering drug tests for Britney. Her bad behavior is easily explained by her regimen and diet that have been putting in her in a Special K hole.
  • has travel information for Ft. Lauderdale. When visiting a city known for its sun, warmth, and beaches, it's fun to ignore all that and visit a dark, dank local bathhouse. "The Clubhouse is popular with mature, no-attitude men and draws crowds at lunchtime and on Tuesday leather night (leather gear is optional and this event actually draws a pretty mixed bunch). The facilities, which include whirlpool, steam room, dry sauna and a small gym, are well maintained. Guys can -- and do -- walk around completely nude. The busiest area is the steam room. The staff is friendly. Racially diverse, generally older crowd." Staying out of the sun is a good way to protect aging skin.