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Gay Uncover is a custom search engine. Gay or gay relevant sites have been manually selected to be included in the search to focus the results on valid, quality websites. Use it to quickly narrow your search. An example of search results is shown below.

Sample Search: 'Miami'

Some of the results returned:

  • provided a nice introduction to the city with several important links to additional information. Attached comments from "biguy2" indicated that he intended to visit the city this past summer in order to party, get busy, and have fun. To emphasize this, he added the comments twice.
  • has a gay business directory of the greater Miami area. In addition to travel relevant information such as hotel listings, it also included a listing for Dr. J. Howell Tiller, who specializes in buttock, calf, pec and bicep implants. You can visit Miami and get the South Beach look, after the swelling and scars subside.
  • Since Miami is a destination, using the location/travel filter returned several travel related pages. Outtraveler had an exclusive post on gay and lesbian cruises through October, 2008. They state that the Liberty Caribbean cruise in January will be the largest gay cruise in history with up to 3700 guests. The list of amenities starts with a rock wall and sparring in a boxing ring. The copywriter then realizes that this is a gay cruise and goes on to add that "a four-story theater, ice shows, comedy and live music shows, and dances on the decks provide social shenanigans."


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