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Gay Uncover is a custom search engine. Gay or gay relevant sites have been manually selected to be included in the search to focus the results on valid, quality websites. Use it to quickly narrow your search. An example of search results is shown below.

Sample Search: 'Awesome'

Some of the results returned:

  • QueerSighted returned a personals clip for Smyrna, Georgia's own 'dalgraphx'. He's advertised as being clean cut with a naughty side.There is also a suggestive remark about a covered piercing. At least three readers were enticed enough to leave comments. 'Sam Ship' said, "thats an awesome name. i wish i could meet him. he looks like an awesome person and stuff. Well yeah." It's always nice to know that your picture and username inspire awe and not shock.
  • gave information for a three day stay in Athens, Greece. The writer acknowledged that the Acropolis is the most visible landmark in the city, but reduced the authoritativeness of the article by referring to it as an 'awesome hillside'. Rock on, dude!
  • AfterElton provided a recap of the season opener of Ugly Betty. The author stated that Betty is an awesome aunt for helping Justin nab the internship at Mode. Among the various comments to the recap, loneranger wrote "This is my favorite recap so far. Just the right blend of snide and sarcastic observation. Plus this cracked my **** up." The possible words behind the masking are themselves ass-cracking awesome.

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